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zed Interconnect

Flexible and Scaleable Technology

Customer requests can be formal SOAP based Web Services or more simplified REST based XML.

Data Security

All information is retrieved from the SAP Business One database and no financial information is stored on the application server.

Seamless Communication

Supports both real time and asynchronous communications with the SAP Business One database system.

Integrated Service Add-On

Contains an inbound/outbound database that allows for manual intervention, if required and the ability to push outbound data to the Web application.

Using zed Interconnect, our SAP Partner created a new and affordable Web-based sales application for our field reps. This tool will allow us to realize even greater value from our SAP Business One investment.

Shabaz Raza

CFO, MARS Air Systems


What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program which enables it to interact with other software.

What can I do with zed Interconnect?

The zed Interconnect has been used to show query data out of B1, synchronize A/R transactions, display service related data, expense tracking, and much more.

How do I use zed Interconnect?

The zed Interconnect can be used to synchronize data in real time from SAP Business One to any application that can process REST based XML.

Where do I host zed Interconnect software?

The software is installed on a Windows server with IIS installed, typically on the B1 server itself.

What types of applications can I build with zed Interconnect?

The opportunities to extend your business to the web are limitless, but here are some application ideas that have been beneficial to some of our customers:

  • Inventory Portals
  • Sales Portals
  • Integration between a third party web store or eCommerce site (e.g. Yahoo Stores) and SAP Business One
  • Employee Portals
  • Web interface for any functionality offered via the B1 Client

What third party software/services can it integrate with?

Yahoo stores, Magento E-Commerce, any software capable of processing and producing REST based XML.

What SAP Business One data can be accessed with the API?

Any data that is available through SAP's DI API (Data Interface API), at this time this is over 90% of the data within SAP Business One.

I'm ready to purchase. What do I do?

To learn more about extending your business to the Web using zed Interconnect for SAP Business One, contact your current SAP Business One Partner for more information.

If you would like to schedule a more in-depth demo of the zed Interconnect for SAP Business One, please contact us and we will schedule a live demo at your convenience.