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Vendor Portal Features

zed Vendor Portal provides a feature-rich solution, offering your vendors the ability to see the SAP Business One data you need them to through a Web-based browser. At the same time, you have complete control and flexibility over the presentation, content, and functionality of what each user views.

Filter Builder
Cut down on the number of queries you need to maintain by implementing layout filters. If you need information from a certain date, simply create a query for all orders and set a custom date range filter to see only the information you need.
Manage Menus
Add, update, and delete Web site menu categories and items quickly with the Menu Manager inside SAP Business One. No programming or Consultants required.
License Administration
Simplify user management and publishing with the zedSuite Manager Add-on within SAP Business One.
Manage Menu Details
Get control of your SAP Business One data by ensuring that only users with a specific role can view a menu item and query results.
Open Orders With Field Chooser
Easily customize your view using the Field Chooser. Simply drag and drop columns within the layout. Without updating the query in SAP Business One, you can hide any unwanted data. See only the data that is meaningful to you!
Share Saved Views With Other Users
Customize your information view to suit your needs and easily save and share it with other Vendor Portal users.
Assign User Roles
Separate the Vendor Portal users into roles that indicate the kind of data they should see. For example, vendors view only their own inventory supply, but the warehouse can view them all.
View Login History
View real-time information about who previously logged into the zed Vendor Portal and the last time a user changed their password. Find out who is accessing your Vendor Portal most often.
Set Multiple Users
No need to go to each vendor contact and setup their login. Just use the Set Multiple Users screen and enable dozens or hundreds at one time with a simple check.
View Orders Grouped By Date
Group columns for a fine tuned view using the drag and drop functionality. Organize your data in a format that makes the most sense to you.
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