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SPS Commerce Cloud EDI for SAP Business One

Creating a seamless workflow between your Trading Partners and SAP Business One

SPS Commerce Cloud EDI is designed and built exclusively to connect SAP Business One to the SPS Universal Network - connecting you to over 55,000 retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, 3PLs and more. The integrated EDI solution is powered by zedSuite and available on both Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA. SPS Commerce Cloud EDI is your gateway to building your business' trading partner relationships by becoming compliant with today's industry-specific EDI standards.

SPS Commerce Cloud EDI and SAP Business One work seamlessly together to provide businesses of all size with the powerful EDI compliance capabilities that large enterprise enjoy - allowing you to connect and do business with more trading partners. Regardless of where your organization sits in the supply chain, the end-to-end EDI solution reduces the complexity and cost of manually coordinating your EDI with your trading partners. SPS Commerce Cloud EDI helps you build, manage and improve your supply chain operations by making it easy for you to integrate with trading partners around the world.

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SPS Commerce Cloud EDI Highlights:

Integrated EDI Transactions

Current EDI integrations include: outbound invoices (810), inventory inquiry/advice (846), inbound purchase orders/cross docking (850), purchase order acknowledgement (855), outbound shipments (856), warehouse shipping order (940), and warehouse shipping advice (945).

Complete Data Integration

SAP Business One sales, invoicing, production, scheduling, and shipping data is all fully integrated - eliminating any manual process.

Connect with and do Business with More Trading Partners

Standardized document formats widen your business market to over 55,000 trading partners using SPS Universal Network exclusively.

Unparalleled Connectivity with any System or Solution

Built on the power of zedSuite’s zed Interconnect - you can integrate new and/or existing Web applications with SPS Commerce Cloud EDI.

Capable of both customer and supplier-facing EDI in a single environment, SPS Commerce Cloud EDI combines the cost savings of a fully hosted EDI solution with the technological capabilities of solutions that were thought to be unavailable to small and medium-sized enterprises.

To learn more about how you can meet your trading partners’ specific business requirements using the SPS Commerce Cloud EDI for SAP Business One, read the press release or contact zedSuite or your current SAP Business One Partner for more information.