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Gain visibility into all expense types, monitor business costs, and easily submit expenses while on the go

Expense User for zed Employee Portal is a powerful, web-based expense reporting solution that streamlines the creation of expense reports, approvals and reimbursements from inside SAP Business One. The automated expense management solution saves time and provides greater control over business costs with full visibility into expenses and employee reimbursements. With the easy to use self-service features, your employees can spend less time tracking down expense reports and more time with dealing with important clients, allowing you to concentrate on your business goals.

Expense User Highlights:

Create and Submit Expense Claims On-the-go

Expense User works on any mobile device - making expense reporting even easier for you and your employees. Create expense reports, capture receipts with mobile camera and approve anywhere, anytime with your mobile device. Minimal manual entry back at the office means reduce administrative costs, data errors and no more hunting for lost receipts.

Email Automation

Automatic email notifications can be configured to your specific internal approval processes. Multi-level approval with configurable limits lets users and managers know when expense reports have been approved, or are pending. Submit requests and get automatic emails triggered for approval.

Responsive Design

Responsive design supports and automatically adapts the Expense User screen to any size, providing users with a consistent web browsing experience across all mobile devices including Android, iPhone and Windows.

Credit Card Import

Upload credit card statements from preferred banking institute and Expense Users can update expense reports with transactions directly from their credit cards.

Analyze Company Spending

With a number of analysis reports with dozens of reporting filters, you can review past expenses, analyze current ones and compare past, present and future budgets. Drill down from company to department, to employee in seconds with the analytics and detailed reports delivered by zed Employee Portal.

Real-time Integration with SAP Business One 9.1 and 9.2

With direct integration into SAP Business One, Expense User empowers your employees with the ability to interact with SAP Business One from the road, airport or at the office. This means that you and your employees will always have up-to-the minute data necessary for key decision making on expense approvals and budgets.

Contact a zedSuite sales representative find out how you can extend the power of zed Employee Portal with the Expense User. Enable the anytime and anywhere submission of employee expenses and approvals.

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