Shipping Types Configuration

Shipping Types configuration is required to ensure Carrier information is mapped to SPS information. Refer to the screenshot below for definitions of User Defined Fields (UDFs) used for configuring shipping types.

To open the Shipping Types Setup screen, in SAP Business One, go to Administration > Setup > Inventory > Shipping Types.

Screenshot showing Shipping Types Setup screen with markers pointing to SCAC Code (1), Service Level Code (2), Carrier Trans Method Code (3).

When configuring Shipping Types, configure the SCAC Code (1), Security Level Code (2) and Carrier Trans Method Code (3), as defined below.

Shipping Types UDFs
Field Name Type Definition

SCAC Code (1)


Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) is a 2-4 digit alphabetic code assigned by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association identifying transportation companies.

Contact the appropriate carrier or refer to the following links that can assist with getting these codes:

Service Level Code (2)


Service Level Code indicates the level of transportation service or the billing service offered by the transportation carrier. Refer to the SPS Qualifier List of Service Level Codes.

Carrier Trans Method Code (3)

Combo Box

Carrier Transportation Method Code specifies the method or type of transportation for the shipment. Refer to the SPS Qualifier List of Carrier Transportation Method Codes

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