Item Cross Reference Configuration

SPS Commerce Cloud EDI references trading partner (Business Partner) items by the following:

The sequence for getting a match of the Item Code in SAP Business One is as follows:

  1. Exact match of the Vendor Part Number on the 850 with the Item Code in SAP Business One.
  2. Exact match of the Buyer Part Number on the 850 with the Catalog Number for the Trading Partner customer number in SAP Business One.
  3. Exact match of CPC code on the 850 with the CPC Code in SAP Business One.
  4. 850 will not load if none of the above checks is met, or if there are multiple items in SAP Business One for the CPC code.

Item Code

Item Code is a direct (one to one) reference to the Vendor Part Number. This can be viewed on the Item Master Data: Inventory > Item Master Data.

Business Partner Catalog Numbers

The Business Partner Catalog Numbers section (accessible from Inventory > Item Management > Business Partner Catalog Numbers) is used to map trading partners’ item numbers (Buyer Part Number) to SAP Business One item codes.

Screenshot showing Business Partner Catalog Numbers screen. Marker 1 shows Code=11155-559979, Marker 2 shows BP Code=C10001, marker 3 shows BP Catalog No.=A00002

Map Business Partners to trading partner (Vendor) item numbers as shown here. B1 Item Code (1) maps to a specific Trading Partner Item Code (3) for the identified SPS Trading Partner BP Code (2).

Consumer Package Code (CPC)

The CPC codes are mapped to the Item Code using the Bar Codes section which can be accessed directly on the Item Master Data or from the menu Inventory > Bar Codes.

Screenshot showing Item Master Data screen and Bar Codes screen. Arrow shows the mapping between Item Master Data Bar Code field and the Bar Codes screen Bar Codes field - both values are the same.

Shown here: CPC code mappings between the Item Master Data and Bar Codes.

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