Business Partner Ship-To Address Configuration

Refer to the screenshot below for definitions of fields used for ship-to addresses configuration for SPS Trading Partners (SAP Business One Customers).
Screenshot showing Business Partner Master Data Addresses tab. Markers point to UDFs used for SPS Trading Partners.

Business Partner Master Data Ship-To Address UDF info.

Business Partner Ship-To Address Configuration
Field Name Type Definition

Website Address ID (1)


Internal field. Do not edit.

SPS Address Location (2)


Unique value assigned to identify the location. The Address Location codes are provided by your Trading Partner.

SPS Location Code Qualifier (3)


Code identifying the structure or format of the related location number (usually 92). Codes are as defined below:

  • 1: Duns Number
  • 15: Standard Address Number (SAN)
  • 6: Plant Code
  • 9: Duns Plus 4 Number
  • 91: Seller Location Number
  • 92: Buyer Location Number
  • UL: Global Location Number (GLN)

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