Vendor Portal provides vendors with secure web access to reporting for SAP Business One. Administrators can maintain reports and user access within SAP Business One.

Reporting for Vendor Portal allows vendors to access data securely and reliably. Administrators can manage reports within SAP Business One.

User management provides a way for administrators to manage vendor user accounts within SAP Business One.

Configuration settings are applied at the beginning of an implementation, however they may be changed afterword. See Vendor Portal Web Configuration Options for descriptions and common usage.

Feature Highlight

Vendor Portal website overview, as described below.
Vendor Portal website overview, as described below.
Login fields
Field Usage

Report Title (1)

The Report Title indicates which report or chart is currently being viewed.

Company Logo (2)

Logout button (3)

Menu Category (4)

Each Menu Category contains one or more menu links.

Menu Link (5)

Each Menu Link points to a grid report, a pivot report, a chart or a static link.

Layout View Menu (6)

If enabled for the logged in user, previously saved layouts are available from this drop-down.

Advanced Options (7)

If enabled for the logged in user, this allows the user to save report views and configure visible fields on the current report.

Export Menu (8)

Use this export button to download an excel format of this report.